• cooking project 
    Segment I like to call “Kitchen Production” and that’s where the magic happens. Making food is an art yet also something that feels therapeutic to do. Sometimes I will put stuff I’ve made in the past or currently working on.
  • food review 
    In 2019, I decided to go for Yelp Elite. It didn’t take too long since eating out is common almost every two weeks. So I have fun writing my views on the food ordered and typically it’s food I already enjoy.
  • happenings in life 
    Isn’t it terrible how fast life goes and it feels like nothing is ever left behind. Yes, we have memories and PHOTOS especially but do we really take the time to go back and look through them? Writing is an art that takes the readers (and the writer, especially!) back to the moment of what happened. Even if it’s a fart of a moment was written down, the amount of memories that can bring is timeless.
  • location exploration 
    Traveling around gives me the perspective of how vast our world is. I would be so lucky to be able to even have a fourth slice of the world traveled! I try to write down whatever I can about the locations explored. It’s only fair to share!
  • thoughts | opinions 
    Although sometimes unwarranted, we have our opinions to everything. it’s important to remember to respect the thoughts and opinions of other people. We all did not grow up in the same environment and may not have the same opportunities as everyone else. I find it an unsavory topic but also an important one to keep in mind. Stuff written here are not always serious.
  • Uncategorized 
    This is probably so obscured that I wasn’t able to find the correct category and so it gets thrown here.. kind of like that “junk drawer”
  • videos 
    A new-ish portion of this.. since I’m very new at editing things. It’s amazing how much time is put into such things and so my videos are roughly put together but it’ll be a growing process. It’ll be painful but we will keep trying. 🙂