happenings in life | chili cook off

So after yesterday’s “fun” event…


It reminded me of this episode on The Office.

BUT.. that was just a blip in the week. Here’s what happened the next day!

I made some notes on the chili presented.

1- Very simple beef chili. No extra flavors.. Very watery for a chili.. 

2- Needs more salt. Literally taste like cook beef in tomato sauce. Lacks some flavor. Has a watery consistency as well. 

3- Oh! Lots of cayenne.. or is it paprika? I like the corn bits. Has a lot of flavor compared to the first two.

4- This chili feels like the flavor from the can still there. Not much to say about it. I feel perhaps a smidge of sour taste at first..?

5- A kick of flavor springs from the jalapeño bits. Otherwise not much flavor besides beans..?

6- A slight sweeter flavor from the bell pepper from this chili. Not just a tomato can flavor. I did I like the flavor mixed with sour cream and Fritos. Good meat chunk ratio.

7- Lacks salt or any flavor in general! I did notice it has a few tomato chunks. I’m guessing this was used real tomatoes?

8- This chili has less soup than the rest. Different, but I suppose I prefer a chili with some sauce. A taste that’s different! Has a noticeable smoky paprika flavor. I liked it especially with sour cream.

9- Hmm, I enjoyed this one! Nice, mellow, sweet-ish. Not much to add. Meh?

10- Great balanced flavor. I suppose the mix of beef and pork bring mixture of flavor to the chili. The paprika and chili flavor is tasty altogether. Not too watery or chunky so it pairs well with cornbread.

11- For a chili, this has a great variety of flavors as well, especially with onions. Similar comments with 10.

12- Sooo, this had legit brisket chunks and I REALLY appreciated this. This probably had the more expensive ingredients in this chili and it is bomb. Taste amazing with Fritos and sour cream.

13- Yay! A non-meat chili. Not an easy task but this was tasty! A chunky consistency and all veggies had a sweetish taste. I felt I thought some of the flavor was a salsa flavor but I’m probably wrong. It had a tang that I just cannot describe though!

14- (Mine) This chili’s main flavor is gochujang and it’s not subtle.. Its Got a subtle heat but does not take away the flavor. Taste very different than from the rest of the group.

Overall, the cook off was fun, exciting, and eventful! Even though I don’t know majority of the people there, I know they got to see my face and taste my food. Still learning how to be more confident and feel sure about myself more.

Thanks for reading!

kitchen production | green curry and garlic green beans

Back in the kitchen! Actually, I was borrowing my friends kitchen so I could cook again. So I took the initiative to invite myself and cook. Thank goodness they were so thankful for me to come over and cook. It was fun! I do apologize because there was no effort for photos for during the process. I was too deep into conversation and there was a moment where I forgot an important ingredient. -.-

The final photo

I added a couple chili peppers and man, there was a lot of heat!! I am glad I did it cause it tasted SO GOOD!!

Here is the Top view of the main course. ^_^

I added a Russet potato to get some starch, carrots, yellow bell pepper, green peas, and grilled chicken for the meat. Oh man, I’m actually excited to eat some for my lunch tomorrow.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! I gotta get my kitchen back into shape (cries internally) but I’m afraid it’s gonna be a while. I’ll update you guys about the disaster I call the kitchen.



👍🏼👍🏼 – Damn tasty; definitely will make again
👍🏼 – Good; will make again, eventually
👎🏼- Eh; may not make again.. might need adjustment
👎🏼👎🏼 – Ew; don’t like and will not make again

location exploration | new orleans, louisiana – downtown

I made a video about my trip back in March. It’s a series. We did a lot in such a few days!

I trimmed it down best as possible. I still feel that my writing is better than my video editing but I’ll keep trying. I’ll probably upload some photos of the trip… eventually!

food share | [LK MARY] another broken egg

After this long week, and a hurricane on the way… I decided that I needed a day to myself. As I’ve shared before, I’m learning how to heal my emotional and mental state as there are things that can trigger them easily. As much as I can grind away at work, sometimes those wounds burst open and today happens to be one of those days. I decided that I wanted to listen to my body and thoughts. Thankfully, I booked myself a massage earlier in the week and then I decided afterwards that I wanted to get a nice breakfast. I kept the budget for my breakfast under $20, and that’s including tip. I wanted something healthy but nothing that I could make or have at home.

920 International Pkwy Lake Mary, FL 32746 – Another Broken Egg Cafe

Looking at you, Lucy!

Another Broken Egg Cafe is a breakfast place I enjoy coming for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Their menu changes with the seasons and so it’s nice to know you’ll have at least 4 new creative dishes that you haven’t seen. I appreciate that. It encourages customers to try something new.

I enjoyed sitting outside during my meal, but at the end, I was definitely becoming the meal for a couple mosquitos. (>.<)

Classic BEC coffee cup.

Have you ever drank your coffee as is? I don’t do it often but I tried drinking my coffee without any sugar or milk and it was quite delicious. It wasn’t too dark so the coffee after taste didn’t linger much on the tongue.

Product piece

Here I ordered the “Hey Lucy, Omelette.” It consists of breakfast chorizo, onions and green chilies omelette, topped with Cheddar Jack cheese and avocado. Sides of salsa and sour cream. English muffin and home fries.

I don’t know what had more “sustenance” between the home fries and grits, but I guess my heart will have it for home fries. Ordering the English muffin makes me feel chic for some odd reason. I think I felt as if that’s the proper way to have toast. The omelette was good but I have to comment… either the salsa had cumin/paprika or something (perhaps the green chilies?) in the omelette really made the flavors come through out. I enjoyed it very much. It was a very fulfilling breakfast. I couldn’t even finish it all.

Breakfast at Another Broken Egg

Hey Lucy, Omelette – ♥♥♥

thoughts / opinions | podcasts

I’ve been on a podcast train. It’s been pretty wild because I’m still looking around what kind of podcasts I enjoy. So far these podcast are what I’ve been drawn to.

The Beaw Cast (Bart & Geo) – I enjoy these two and majority of their podcast. I adore Bart and how he really does his best to understand himself and does his best to be better in his relationship with Geo. I also admire how he explains his views or how/what he learned. This probably stems from a past person, and the way they would explain things was very similar. Listening to Bart and his conversations with Geo made me realize how much I would like someone who tries their best to communicate with me and will continue to try to explain their feelings/thoughts with me. I think this also shows me that I’m drawn to people who have a hard time with their emotions. With Bart, he knows that he needs more time to process his emotions. Because they slowly allow their emotions come out, you see so much more of the person that you wouldn’t have seen unless you allow them to share that. It takes a lot of courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable and it’s really wholesome to see someone so “alpha” like Bart be so humble and down-to-earth.
Then with Geo. I admire her strength along with her beauty. She does have a very strong foundation in who she is but is also learning to be open-minded when it comes to topics she’s not familiar with. She openly accepts that she doesn’t know much about a subject and is willing to learn. When it comes to conversation with touchy subjects, she knows her boundaries yet does a good job communicating her views with Bart and tells him how it is. Even if Bart would like her to try it his way, he respects her feelings and never makes her feel guilty for something she wants/likes to do. She’s an example of how strong women are also vulnerable and wanting love. It’s nice how aware they are and communicative with their listeners.
Plus I appreciate both of them being super honest and open about what they’ve experienced, their past, and their mistakes. They do an outstanding job allowing their listeners feel like they are just talking to them. You feel that community space and it’s comforting. Overall, I’ve been listening to their podcast the most, and the longest and have throughly enjoyed it so far.

Create the Love with Mark Groves – This is fairly new yet I have been listening to Mark Groves a lot recently. I think the topics have been insightful and relevant in my life. I have been listening to this on my way to work or on my break when I get the chance. It’s a bit of a love-hate because I love how informative it is yet I hate how truthful it all is. So I do have to listen with an open-mind and sometimes have to listen to the podcast twice. The content is super potent that there are times where you just need more time to digest it all.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – Man, I love this guy. As much as I love watching The Daily Show, if I can’t.. I am more than happy to listen to him.

Asian, Not Asian (Fumi Abe & Mic Nguyen) – I started listening to these guys because my cousin who lives in NY, her and her hubby to go comedy shows. Well, these guys are locals and she invited me to listen to their podcast. Basically the premise is a couple of Asian guys not from Asia talking about American issues no American cares about. Ironically, it’s not all issues that “no American” cares about because I’m sure there is an ‘merican out there that does care about an American issues. But for the most part, it’s nice to listen to these goofballs just chatting away about the most random topics. So every now and then, if I’m not into listening anything too serious, I’ll listen to these guys for some random laughs.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness – This one is a bit new for me. One thing though, I am just swooned by JVN. I love that the title is Getting Curious and some of the topics are a little bit politically heavy so I do go easy on it because sometimes I may not be in the best mindset to take in such content (i.e: driving home) but I do admire JVN’s desire to learn more from the guest. Anyways, still getting into the swing with this podcast.

Any podcast you guys would like to recommend? I try to be useful with my time and so far it’s been helpful not having to actually read and just take in information in conversation form and getting perspective of people. Please share!

thoughts / opinions | mumblings of a introvert

Have you ever felt so confused on what the next step to life was?

I suppose I was under the assumption that life would just lead me to where ever I was suppose to go.. like a current that you thought would lead you to your destination. Well, what do you do when that current just stops and you’re in the middle of the freakin’ ocean?

Interestingly enough, in my current situation, my emotions have gone through a roller coaster for the past year and it’ll probably still be like that for a while. Fortunately I’m at the point where I (think? I) may actually be enjoying the wild and weird turns. At first, it was uncomfortable.. as in the “I’m scared, sad, boo-hoo, crying myself to sleep” kind of uncomfortable. Now it’s gotten less scarier and less tears happen.

So here I am, taking these baby steps into this journey of my very own. Not 100% sure of what it is I’m suppose to do but hopefully I will and I would like to document my journey along the way. I also would like to share very personal tidbits about myself and stuff I’ve learned or experienced. I feel that because it’s a personal journey, not everyone will have the same experiences but it also shows that we could possibly share an experience and it’s what connects us. Now why on earth am I starting something like this?

So, small detail about me. I began therapy almost about a year ago, back in 2018. It was post break up 7 months before starting therapy, and I was still grieving over that broken relationship. Plus, I became aware of how depressed I was feeling at the fact that majority of my friends were either not local anymore, not single, or I felt generally disconnected with them because I had not either seen, or heard from them. Which resulted to phone calls/texts feeling less genuine and automated and it didn’t feel like I was connecting to a person anymore. I wasn’t myself anymore.

That’s how long it took me to accept the fact that I needed help.. emotionally and mentally. Along with the therapy, I would listen to podcasts, videos, or read all sorts of “self-help” books or articles and it felt that it still wasn’t enough for me to “move on.”

I do want to share that if you are having trouble with the whole “moving on,” process, just know that it’s okay to feel like that. If it starts to feel overwhelming and you need an unbiased opinion, start with looking for help. I pretty much Googled “therapist near me” and looked for one that specialized in what I needed, what I could afford. Called the number, made an appointment and went from there. I’ll probably write it more in a later post but just know that the whole moving on idea isn’t always as easy as it sounds and I would like to share my experience with that.

Alas, here I am! Broken, but still good. Less jaded and learning to become more open-minded than I was before. I have a lot to catch up on, especially with the food shares, and happenings in life.. I just need a place to share myself. I’m learning to put myself out there and see what comes back in return.

Thanks again for reading.


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