happenings in life | LL & JC’s (part 2) wedding in Cebu, Philippines

A good day should always start out with breakfast! Especially with this big day, it is a must have!

Filipino Breakfast – daing, garlic fried rice, fried egg with ketchup. (added: corn, hash brown and hot dog)

I won’t spoil you with the usual photos of what happens during the morning part of a wedding, BUT I will entertain you with behind the scene photos! Hehe. Hair and makeup always look funky and us girls don’t always look our best during the transformation but here are some of the bridal pictorial.

It can be a bit challenging to create an authentic moment.. luckily for us, it’s not that difficult!

The preprocess is always fun..

A lot of the time was spent here in the suite so.. here is a glimpse of that!

Of course, being in the Philippines during the summer.. and with that many people in the room, it’s bound to be hotter than the norm!

Amazingly enough, when you see so many people in one room get so many things done in a short frame of time, you can’t help but be a little bit impressed! Heh! In one room, you have the 2 makeup artists working their magic, 1 hair stylist doing her thing, along with the videographer and team.. and in the bedroom, you have the mommies getting ready. Haha, it was a tight fit.

I remember when we were at the Holiday Flea Market in 2018, I had bought this crown piece for LL because it really brought out the goddess in her. I’m so glad we were able to get it for this occasion.

I am pretty lucky to have a friend that is there for me when I need a listening ear. I’m so happy I was able to be there, not only for one wedding celebration but her second celebration!! I’m blessed to get a few photos and moments with the bride. ❤

Where the ceremony happened

The ceremony location was simple but elegantly decorated. The only complaints would be these two trees that felt like they were in the way!!

With audience, well known for using their own phone/camera for memory sake!
A better view, all eyes on the bride

The ceremony was.. well, we don’t have to discuss that. It’s a bit lengthy but it was geared towards a conservative crowd. 😛 Otherwise, it was a beautiful and touching ceremony.

The back view of the ceremony

Finally! The reception at last! Here’s a few shots of the venue.

Of course, what’s a bride to do with out the retouch of makeup!

Making sure LL has what she needs

It took a hot minute to get the ballroom ready for show. The photographers were doing their thing, the DJ getting the set ready (which I heard they did not follow instructions per groom and bride! Yikes!), and gathering all the sponsors.. but once that started going, it was a blast! It’s hard work getting a reception all in order!

Attempting to swoon one of the bridesmaids, NK

The emcee was doing his best to move the program along since the bride wanted more time to dance at the end.

Yes! Like that! Dance, dance!

I mean, besides the drinking and dancing, this pretty much was the ending of the day. Lots of hugging and dancing..

Again, thanks for reading/perusing through the photos. It’s a shame since I have so much photos but it’s not for the internet to see. 😉