03/31/2020: When in your life have you felt most alone? 

To find an exact moment when I felt most alone would be an impossible task but I do remember times when I found myself crying on Friday nights and felt lonely. Looking back, there were moments that stick out such as when I failed out of my school program and wasn’t sure if that was suppose to be the route I was destined to take. And then there were the couple of break ups that I went through. Even worse, the heart breaks that came a long with those breakups. I would say those were the moments when I felt most alone because I did not have anyone to share those feelings with or I felt could not relate to the problem. So I would say it would be those moments when the turning point made me into who I am. I was able to depend more on myself versus having to always turn to another person. Ultimately, I don’t feel alone because growing up, I was raised in a Christian household so I never felt “alone” in that sense, but the company of a person, those were the times I felt most alone.