location exploration | miami, fl – art deco district

On a magical whim, a friend of mine flew down to Florida with her beau to escape the freezing weather of the North. Long story short, a small group of us decided to take a quick day trip to Miami.

Leaving Orlando was weird because it was so nice outside in the morning but I later heard it was rainy ALL weekend. (phew! muahaha!) We finally get to Ft. Lauderdale and my friend suggest that we take a dip in the ocean. O_O

I was a little apprehensive. Like.. uhh.. what?

The brave Michigan people!

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on going or joining them but in the end, it was great to do it because I don’t think I would have done in any other situation but my friends were insistent on taking a dip so this Floridian did it. =)

“Pics or it didn’t happen.” – Unknown

Later that night, we had dinner and then we hit the art deco district with all the neon lights. It was a nice night, considering that it was predicted to be wet weather.

The set shown are the majority of the hotel lights. In-between is maybe a few restaurants/clubs but majority of it are the hotels. Also there are couple hotels that are being renovated or demolished(?) so if you’re interested in staying in these.. I suggest you do the research! It is right across South Beach, I believe..?

Anyways, I really like the photos that came out from this night. It was very spontaneous and we only had an hour parking so this is all that came out of that night.

I hope to visit again, with the intention of seeing more, of course. So thanks for checking this out!

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