location exploration | st. petersburg, fl – dali museum

Looks like I do a lot more food posts than anything else! I would promise and try to switch it up here and there but with my priorities, I don’t get that much wiggle room to do anything much else besides eat out for a couple hours. I suppose cooking SHOULD take about that time, but that’s more or less with the prep AND clean up (and energy.. yadda yadda..)

Anyways, I got a good one for y’all! When TL and I first met, I suggest that a good place to visit was the Dali museum. With little time left for TL before leaving to the next assignment, we took the short road trip to visit the museum.

Dali Museum – 1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

It had been a few years since I last visited so I was excited to see what new exhibits they had up! The ones we spent majority of our time was at the Magritte & Dali and Dreams of Dali in Virtual Reality.

Magritte’s version
K10’s version
“When I die young, bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses..”

I was impressed with how interactive they made it. It was a lot of fun and you get a few giggles out of the photos taken.

This pano was at the end of the Magritte and Dali exhibit. I just wanted to show you how dreamy it looked. And it wasn’t super crowded so you could enjoy the space provided. I think I could have stayed a lot longer there because it was so relaxing.

This photo we took because it was based of this painting (see below.) And you can see the building from the inside!

Surrealist Architecture

I love windows.. well more of natural light coming through. It feels open without feeling enclosed. The architecture of the museum is beautiful despite it’s size. I can’t compare since I haven’t been to very many museums, besides the MET in NYC.

Looking up!

As the years continue to zoom past right before our eyes, I have to hand it to technology. In the past few years, it’s been growing at a speed where I feel like I can’t keep up with the updates and such. The VR part of the exhibit was pretty fun. It was pretty silly watching other people experience the VR.

Lastly, they have the garden which I didn’t get to spend much time the last time I was there AND it was a beautiful afternoon!

The tree on the right was the wishing tree so you can hang a little prayer or what-not and leave a “wish” or most people took off their museum band and tied it on the string they have hanging on the tree’s limb. And they had a labyrinth that ended in a dead-end but it was nice just walking through it. So if you see people coming towards you, it’s because they already hit the end and there’s only one way in and out.

Here’s yours truly, on the really uncomfortable bench.

There’s a lot more to the museum but I didn’t want to spoil anything for ya, just in case you do want to visit. It’s a lovely museum and a great place to appreciate some art. They have a cafe shop and a gift shop on the first floor if you want to spend some more moolah.

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