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Oof! Quite honestly when this place came on my radar, I absolutely had NO clue that they had a sit down and eating area. I purely believed that they were just a butcher shop and I found it odd it being in between the establishments at the time. Like what’s a butcher shop doing in the middle of a dining establishment and a bar? Anyways, I believe it was probably last year when it was revealed to me that they have the best sandwiches. So I’ve made it a priority to make a visit to this wonderful establishment.

Orlando Meats – 728 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Store Front

Sometimes I don’t know what made me hesitate into going in here in the first place. I mean the store front is inviting! I suppose the idea of going to a “butchers” shop, I was thinking of this person splattered in blood asking what part of an animal you want comes to mind. Haha, silly! I know! Anyways, this place is not like that at all. It is warm and inviting. Definitely a place for locals. Super Instagram friendly and inspired. The contrast of the two wood colors are so inviting.

It’s nice to see how some establishments take the time to show off where they gather from their local suppliers. I was especially impressed because of the variety locations are small towns in Florida that some Floridans are not familiar with. So with that note, I top my hat to you, Orlando Meats! Kudos!

Side Pano View

As you can see, it’s very clean and put well together. The ambiance is a great place to talk, catch up, and even grab a quick 15 min lunch.

Poultrygeist – friend chicken, kewpie, lettuce, tomato, pickled daikon, french roll
Served with slaw & chip

I tell you, IF you want a tasty fried chicken without the grease.. this is your pick. It is THEE tasty chicken sandwich you could have fresh! The kewpie is the secret mayo that eases the flavor of the pickled daikon. Yumyumyum! And again, the chicken is not greasy at all which makes it all the better.

Green Mario (?) – hot dog with mango salsa on a toast

I will be candid with you, my readers. I forgot the name of this lovely creation. Because of the rotation of sandwiches, they may re-create a dish to see if it sells better? Haha, lesson learned. If I don’t take a photo of the menu, this wouldn’t happen, right? Anyhoo, they are up-to-date as far as keeping their current menu updated. I did look up the name but I guess they cycled it out. I do remember it having the name Green and Mario because it was an Italian sausage so I’m assuming it was name green Mario but I am not certain. As for the taste.. it was good AND tasty but not as a memorable as Poultrygeist.

Altogether, this was a great experience. This certain beer that was ordered at the time wasn’t cold (they still gave it to us but informed us ahead of time that it wasn’t cold) so they told us to let them know if we wanted another kind, they would give us some on the house, which I thought was a very nice gesture. Anyways, I look forward to trying out more new items and I do promise to do better in keeping updated with the names and other information.

Poultrygeist – ♥♥♥♥♥
Green Mario – ♥♥

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