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Well, so much for consistency.. (>.<) but ya’know!

There has been a lot that has been happening and I just can’t seem to post/upload fast enough.

In January, the start of the new year, I was able to do a getaway to NYC to celebrate my cousin’s birthday! Since last year’s holidays, I basically worked mostly all of it so I made sure I started the year off right! Will have to write about it soon. (XP)

February was the fastest month yet. I was not mentally ready for my trip to the Philippines but man, it was a happy trip. It had a few bittersweet moments yet each moment was heartfelt. I suppose this trip opened my eyes to how much I appreciate my culture, my homeland, and my family. It very much answered a lot of questions I had been feeling very unsure about and I hope to share more about it soon.

But wait! There’s more. There’s a surprise trip that’s gonna happen very soon. I can’t to surprise you all about it but right now, it’s all in the suspense stage.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are. I know my life sounds crazy but it has it’s moments where it’s not. I hope you have a great day or month. See ya!

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