food share | [ORL] mee thai

Every now and then, a group of my friends and I will go eat dinner together randomly and the theme is to find “hole in the wall” places or just food worth trying out. I love Thai food.. authentic Thai food especially. So I can be a smidge picky when it comes to Thai food but I’m also understanding to how difficult it is to get that distinct taste. With that said, here’s the review!


Mee Thai – 1200 Lee Rd. Orlando, FL 32810

This place was just great! My experience was just about as good as it could get at a sit down place.

Again, I’ll start with what I ordered.

I love me a Tom Kha. The tricky part is to get a sense of “balance” to this beautiful dish, and I’ll be honest with you.. this place gets it. I did make it mild as far as “spicy” yet it wasn’t the spicy that hurts. Nothing was over powering each other; the coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir leaves with the mushroom and chicken.. it was refreshing. Period.


So once again, I tried something I knew I couldn’t make or at least I wasn’t confident in making so I ordered me the Pra ram with tofu. There are only a few places in Orlando that have the “house peanut sauce” with a protein as a main dish (at least that I can think of.) Oh boy, when it came out.. it was such an inviting dish. Again, I got this mild as far as spicy but I think it could have gone up to a medium. It’s a simple dish that hit the spot.


Now I’ll make comment on some other dishes I was able to try!

Oof, I think the Green Curry was DIVINE! If you are a curry fan, I encourage you to get this. Like the Tom Kha, this too had a sense of balance with flavors. I mean, it was so light yet really eased in the flavors gently on your tongue. I can make green curry but I would order this just because of how thoughtful it was put together.

The Pad Thai was a good and the Pad Se Ew was great, but.. Drunken Noodles.. oh baby! This was good. Almost TOO good. And I would hate for you to think I may be easy to please.. but deng! This wins the noodles category.

Anyways, next time I come back, I’ll order something different to add to this review. Thanks!

Pra ram with tofu: ♥♥♥

Tom Kha: ♥♥♥

Drunken Noodles: ♥♥♥♥

Green Curry: ♥♥♥♥

Pad Thai: ♥♥

Pad Se Ew: ♥♥

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