thoughts / opinions | What Is The Purpose? What Is MMK10Q?

There are books. There are movies. There are actual people who literally talk about “purpose.”

What’s the purpose of this? I’ll be honest… I have no idea. I suppose I’m just ready to stop talking about how I’m going to do this. I’m done making excuses. I need to finally just take the risk and do something. And you know what? Maybe even fail! My problem is that I want to do everything at one time and I don’t typically plan everything all out. I don’t take the time to build anything up and then I get all butt hurt when things don’t go my way. Hm!

So I’m starting out small. I wanted to learn how to commit to this website; stay consistent in writing, blogging, writing up food reviews, perhaps upgrading to small video clips, then do other “fun” stuff I think are cool. I never had much confidence in myself growing up and I always talked about doing projects but 25% I would follow through.

So I’m here to address what I’ll most likely be blogging:

  • Personal Experiences (Win-Fail)
  • Thoughts/Opinions
  • Food reviews
  • Fun Activities (besides food reviews)
  • My Interests
  • My Cats
  • My Parents
  • Photos I’ve Taken Randomly
  • Past Photos I’ve Taken

Yeah, it looks pretty general. That’s because I haven’t decided exactly how intimate this was going to be. I’m okay with being open with content. It’s how to serve it.


I’m going to address the query: “What does mmk10q mean?”

It doesn’t mean anything! When I text, sometimes I’ll respond “Mm’kay” or “mkay,” which is the equivalent to like “Okay”/”OK”/”K.” I suppose the “mm” part is like the part where I’m pondering. But I’ve never said like “mmm’nah.” (Now that I think of it, I should start doing that!) So typically that’s what you’ll read. Then I later found out that you can write “Thank you” in a shortcut. Wanna guess?…


There you have it. “Okay, thank you.” So maybe, I purposely wanted to have my name hidden in the whole thing. K10 is still relevant! But I’m not good at this whole nickname game so I’ll leave that all up to you, reader.

Hope this answered any question for the reason on why to stick around. If not, I’m glad you were able to find this tiny place. If anything, I do hope you come back again.

mm’kay, thank you!



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