New Content!

Seeing how I find it a struggle to come up with new content, I decided to get some help from a book that asks a question a day. With this, I wanted to try and have creative writing outlet going.. even if it is jibberish and nonsense. I have found in the past that writing has a therapeutic notion for me. So I titled it “To whom it may concern..” For me, I’m thinking if I write more, perhaps I’ll get better at communicating,” right?

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Anyways! As we all know, there has been a pandemic going and the advice has been to stay indoors. Other than going to work, picking up groceries every now and then.. seeing the very few friends I have.. I find this very.. normal. I am a tad bit jealous of people who are blessed with the job of being able to work from home. Otherwise, the roads are easier to drive to go to work. People stay away from each other out in public. Of course, this is just me making light of the serious situation that the world is in.

All in all, I hope everyone one of you reading this is being smart, staying safe, and protecting the people you love by following the rules. As always, thanks for reading.


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