food share | [ORL] orlando meats

Oof! Quite honestly when this place came on my radar, I absolutely had NO clue that they had a sit down and eating area. I purely believed that they were just a butcher shop and I found it odd it being in between the establishments at the time. Like what’s a butcher shop doing in the middle of a dining establishment and a bar? Anyways, I believe it was probably last year when it was revealed to me that they have the best sandwiches. So I’ve made it a priority to make a visit to this wonderful establishment.

Orlando Meats – 728 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Store Front

Sometimes I don’t know what made me hesitate into going in here in the first place. I mean the store front is inviting! I suppose the idea of going to a “butchers” shop, I was thinking of this person splattered in blood asking what part of an animal you want comes to mind. Haha, silly! I know! Anyways, this place is not like that at all. It is warm and inviting. Definitely a place for locals. Super Instagram friendly and inspired. The contrast of the two wood colors are so inviting.

It’s nice to see how some establishments take the time to show off where they gather from their local suppliers. I was especially impressed because of the variety locations are small towns in Florida that some Floridans are not familiar with. So with that note, I top my hat to you, Orlando Meats! Kudos!

Side Pano View

As you can see, it’s very clean and put well together. The ambiance is a great place to talk, catch up, and even grab a quick 15 min lunch.

Poultrygeist – friend chicken, kewpie, lettuce, tomato, pickled daikon, french roll
Served with slaw & chip

I tell you, IF you want a tasty fried chicken without the grease.. this is your pick. It is THEE tasty chicken sandwich you could have fresh! The kewpie is the secret mayo that eases the flavor of the pickled daikon. Yumyumyum! And again, the chicken is not greasy at all which makes it all the better.

Green Mario (?) – hot dog with mango salsa on a toast

I will be candid with you, my readers. I forgot the name of this lovely creation. Because of the rotation of sandwiches, they may re-create a dish to see if it sells better? Haha, lesson learned. If I don’t take a photo of the menu, this wouldn’t happen, right? Anyhoo, they are up-to-date as far as keeping their current menu updated. I did look up the name but I guess they cycled it out. I do remember it having the name Green and Mario because it was an Italian sausage so I’m assuming it was name green Mario but I am not certain. As for the taste.. it was good AND tasty but not as a memorable as Poultrygeist.

Altogether, this was a great experience. This certain beer that was ordered at the time wasn’t cold (they still gave it to us but informed us ahead of time that it wasn’t cold) so they told us to let them know if we wanted another kind, they would give us some on the house, which I thought was a very nice gesture. Anyways, I look forward to trying out more new items and I do promise to do better in keeping updated with the names and other information.

Poultrygeist – ♥♥♥♥♥
Green Mario – ♥♥

food share | [ST. PETE] pacific counter

A few weeks ago, I traveled to St. Petersburg with TL and AR and we went to the Dali Museum (click here if you want to read about it!), but before we arrived, of course, we had to have a bite to eat. Not knowing the area, it was my task to find a tasty treat. I will say I am SUPER thankful to find this superb gem. Pacific Counter. I will admit, the name wasn’t the exact hook for me but I saw that they sold sushi burrito and I was sold on it. So lesson learned, please don’t judge a place by the name!! They also had absolutely amazing reviews on both Google and Yelp so that was the sinker.

Pacific Counter – 660 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

The location of the place was great. It was neatly tucked in with other stores and other eatery. What I loved about it was that the colors they used on the storefront stuck out. They used this pink that told you they were fun, groovy, AND confident.

Store front

They had a menu on the side to see if you even wanted to enter the establishment. Before I left, there was a couple looking at it and I just gave my two cents and told them that they wouldn’t regret it but they sadly just ate. I think it’s nice they had the menu outside.

MENU outside

I must compliment Pacific Counter because even the menu is aesthetically pleasing to look at. It looks intimidating but it’s got a pretty simple process. Left side is the Build your Own but I always like to go for their Creations. Typically I’ll take that they have and maybe add a little this, and a little that. Since I already know what my palette likes, I’ll just tweak it to my liking. ^_^

2/3 of the area when you enter

It has the “Chipotle” or “Subway” assembly line where you can watch your food be created. I, personally enjoy this. I like that I can interact with how my food is being made, or if I add this, depending on the person, their interaction with the choices made.. it’s a very fun process for me! Anyways, the atmosphere was very fun, bright and had an inviting draw. Sadly, it’s not where near me so I had to quickly enjoy all they had to offer!

I think this is their ‘specials’ menu or what they are trying out. Regardless, I loved the art work and how it was displayed.

The O.G. – Tuna, Avocado, Edamame, Greens, Shredded Nori, Onion, Sesame Seeds with Poke Classic Sauce

TL ordered “The O.G.” and I was able to try it. I believe there was some adjustment with it. What was added was Krab, mango, and microgreens. It had a refreshing yet sweet ending. I felt the Poke Classic Sauce and a sweet aftertaste when you put it all-together. If you need something light yet and want something light for your palette, The O.G. is a great choice.

Ring of Fire – Spicy Tuna, Shrimp, Cucumber, Jalapeno, Peppers, Radish, Garlic Crisps with Fire Water Sauce.

MM… again, I was in despair with what to order because it all looked so good! So I went with my gut and I ordered the Ring of Fire but I had to add some essential toppings. I added the Masago, Seaweed Salad, Furikake and Sesame Seeds. (I also bought their stickers because I was just hooked with everything!) Ohhhh baby, this is winner. I’m in love. Like when I come back, it’s going to be difficult to not want to order this again or get something new. But I know with this place, you can’t go wrong. You just gotta go with what you feel is best for you. And their customer service is phenomenal.

Signature Dole Whip

When I say they have phenomenal customer service.. they really do. They allowed me to try the sauce if I wasn’t satisfied with it. (Fire water is probably my favorite!) Plus they told me that if my Dole Whip melted too fast, they would get me another one. *Awwwww* I was impressed. By the way, they sell beer on tap, so that was awesome as well. They also had a refreshment “bar” of teas of different flavors (ugh, I regret not taking a photo!) but it was great for those who enjoy unique tastes of teas.

So overall, this place is a star. So if you are ever in the St. Pete area, please stop by Pacific Counter. You won’t regret it and just let them know that K10 sent ya!

The O.G.: ♥♥♥
Ring of Fire : ♥♥♥♥♥
Signature Dole Whip: ♥♥♥♥

food share | [ORL] the cowfish sushi burger bar

YOU. Yes, you reading this. Think about a time where you just had to HAVE good food to get rid of the stink of the day you had earlier and although going to sleep and starting a new day would be a good choice, you decide to take your friend who enjoys food just as much as you and eat and drink before the day ends, just so you can salvage the rest of the day. You haven’t had that kind of day? Well, when (because you will have a bad day eventually) you have that bad day, find a friend, get some food and drinks, and laugh the night away!

TL has never been to Universal and will probably won’t be for a while so I suggested we try this place they have called the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. One, it’s in Citywalk which doesn’t close until 2 am AND people watching is great here. Two, it has boozy milkshakes. Win. Three, it has burgers AND sushi.. or a combo of both. (Weird, I know but AMAZING as well!) I wanted sushi. And all the sushi joints closed by 10 so this plan had to work!

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar: 6000 Universal Blvd #700, Orlando, FL 32819

The building but this was taken when it was closed. XD

It was pretty fun entering the “park” when majority of people were leaving. Anyways, here’s the front of the building. On the left side, there is a statue of a “cowfish” but there were people taking photos with it so I opted it out.

A side note: if you don’t want a 90 min wait (which I’ve read in the reviews has been the deterrent).. my suggestion.. eat later. I know that sounds silly but this experience has made me see that waiting 90 min for your meal and the place is crowded, and you have to wait an ADDITIONAL x more minutes to place your order and wait for your food to arrive is.. well, I admire your commitment to wait. XD I believe 90 minutes was how much time we spent there, ordered, wait and finish eating. 😉

Stick In The Mud
Stick In The Mud
Collingwood Canadian whiskey, vanilla ice cream, malt, caramel drizzle, pretzel rod

You can find this under the “spiked shakes” portion of the menu. If you need to mask the flavor, I don’t suggest this as this was heavily lined with the whiskey (Yum!). Otherwise, I endorse this boozy shake!

What was ordered.. *drools*

Man, typically I feel guilty for ordering so much but it was decided that it would be a while until we return to try any other items so we treated ourselves! Get you a friend that understands how much you’re willing to spend on food. (Haha!)

Doug’s Filet Roll
Avocado, kani, cream cheese inside, topped with thin slices of seared filet mignon, spicy mayo, scallions, masago. Served with a side of pounded ginger sauce

Burgushi. I suppose Orlando isn’t “hip” enough to have more of these around.. yet. It is fun to have options like this available, so that I am thankful. Moving on, I mean the filet mignon portion was oooook-ay. I liked it. It’s not my favorite but it was good. I’m glad we got to try it. Because we were hungry, it was inhaled. Next!

The Jalapeño Popper Show-Stopper 
Beef burger, jalapeño-infused cream cheese, jalapeño bacon, fried jalapeños, jalapeño citrus aioli, lettuce, tomato, fresh sliced jalapeños, brioche bun

Haha, I know.. I scolded TL for having his arm in the photo but we both were getting hungry so I DGAF at the moment. This burger was pretty meaty heavy. If you are into jalapenos, meats and burgers, this one is definitely for you. Not pictured is the seaweed salad I convinced TL to get, since I knew I was going to get the heap of fries. They serve a good portion of the seaweed salad but if you don’t like it or never had it, don’t order it. Please don’t waste food!

What’s Shakin’ Tuna Bacon Sandwich 
Seared rare blackened yellowfin tuna, applewood bacon, iceberg, jalapeños, tomato salsa, slaw and spicy mayo, served between grilled spring roll wrapper “buns” filled with kani and sushi rice. Served with house seasoned fries

The winner meal of the night. I’m proud that I ordered this because this is exactly what I had hoped it would come out. Sushi but sandwich style. Win for me. You can see all the layers in the photo above. That yellowfin tuna.. *sighs*
It was a MESSY sandwich but that’s no problem! It is a pretty thick chunk of rice there. AND there’s fries. So I think the carb department was covered. I don’t know what else to try to tell you about this. Order it.. or not! But I will tell you this, if you come here and you like sushi and you don’t try this.. you’re missing out! I will internet shame you!

Stick In The Mud♥♥♥♥
Doug’s Filet Roll: ♥♥
The Jalapeño Popper Show-Stopper What’s Shakin’: ♥♥♥
Tuna Bacon Sandwich : ♥♥♥♥♥

food share | [ORL] la boiling seafood crab and crawfish

Oh man, it’s the day before Valentines Day and I just had to treat myself and my friends out the best way I know how.. with some Cajun seafood! But before that, you gotta treat your female friends the way they need to be treated.. so I got them some chocolate and flowers! Even if you’re not “dating” anyone or pursuing a person, it’s not wrong to get your female friends some friendship flowers! I’ll put an example!


Yellow flowers (doesn’t have to be roses!) are great friendship flowers. I know most girls/women say they don’t want flowers and that’s okay! I think the thought counts and it shows how much one cares. Even if she says she doesn’t like flowers, get her A flower (UNLESS, it’s one of those times you guys really discussed flowers and that they are just a waste of money.. different story!) Otherwise.. she may not even know that she likes flowers! Maybe she’s gone without flowers for so long that she doesn’t really know what it’s like to receive flowers from someone who really cares about her. THAT SAID.. let’s get to the good stuff.

LA Boiling Seafood Crab & Crawfish – 1242 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

Facing the front door

It’s a cozy place with “graffiti” on the wall, with maybe 10-12 tables. I used to come here once a month a few years ago because eating seafood was such a pleasurable experience. Now I can’t eat as much as I want anymore. Ahh, so sad.


They have quite the menu, but the real winners are the COMBO PLATTERS. I typically get Combo Platter C. 1.5 Snow Crab Legs, 1/2 lb Shrimp, 1 Corn, 1 Potato. Hell yes. That’s all I really like to eat. The crawfish are just a bonus. Like I don’t go out of my way to get them, but if they are there, why the hell not! I will say, I feel the price did go slightly up since the last time I went there..

Combo C: 1.5 Snow Crab Legs, 1/2 lb Shrimp, 1 Corn, 1 Potato.

In case I forget, order with the Xa Bang seasoning. Actually, ask them to make it with Xa Bang and spicy! Otherwise, it may be super tame and that’s no fun.

We ordered extra corn and added some Andouille Hot Sausage and probably a few Hot French Bread. Ohh baby, that was so worth the carbs.

Combo B “The Ultimate”: 1 lb Snow Crab Legs Cluster, 2 Blue Crab, 1/2 lb shrimps, 1/2 lb crawfish, 1 Corn, 1 Potato

I suppose “The Ultimate” sounds like a good deal, if you enjoy eat blue crab. If I were to add a little something extra to Combo C, perhaps the crawfish but like I said, I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. Mind you, we were a group of 5 so this was just enough for all of us.

Portion of the wall

The place does have FITTED gloves, in case you don’t want to stain your hands with the scent.. but honestly.. you’re better off eating it with your bare hands! Try licking your fingers with gloves on. Blegh. No thanks!

FRESH Beignet

Here we are, wondering what to get for dessert when one of us suggested “Ooh! We should get beignet.” At this point, we were kind of all satisfied with the meal that dessert didn’t seem like an option but since someone suggested… it ended up being a good suggestion. These babies were hot and fresh when they came out. They typically come in a batch of 4 but the lady working our table was kind enough to give everyone their own.. and bless her soul for doing that because everyone just devoured theirs and we all went home happy.

Combo C: ♥♥♥♥
Combo B: ♥♥♥
Beignet: ♥♥♥

location exploration | st. petersburg, fl – dali museum

Looks like I do a lot more food posts than anything else! I would promise and try to switch it up here and there but with my priorities, I don’t get that much wiggle room to do anything much else besides eat out for a couple hours. I suppose cooking SHOULD take about that time, but that’s more or less with the prep AND clean up (and energy.. yadda yadda..)

Anyways, I got a good one for y’all! When TL and I first met, I suggest that a good place to visit was the Dali museum. With little time left for TL before leaving to the next assignment, we took the short road trip to visit the museum.

Dali Museum – 1 Dali Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

It had been a few years since I last visited so I was excited to see what new exhibits they had up! The ones we spent majority of our time was at the Magritte & Dali and Dreams of Dali in Virtual Reality.

Magritte’s version
K10’s version
“When I die young, bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses..”

I was impressed with how interactive they made it. It was a lot of fun and you get a few giggles out of the photos taken.

This pano was at the end of the Magritte and Dali exhibit. I just wanted to show you how dreamy it looked. And it wasn’t super crowded so you could enjoy the space provided. I think I could have stayed a lot longer there because it was so relaxing.

This photo we took because it was based of this painting (see below.) And you can see the building from the inside!

Surrealist Architecture

I love windows.. well more of natural light coming through. It feels open without feeling enclosed. The architecture of the museum is beautiful despite it’s size. I can’t compare since I haven’t been to very many museums, besides the MET in NYC.

Looking up!

As the years continue to zoom past right before our eyes, I have to hand it to technology. In the past few years, it’s been growing at a speed where I feel like I can’t keep up with the updates and such. The VR part of the exhibit was pretty fun. It was pretty silly watching other people experience the VR.

Lastly, they have the garden which I didn’t get to spend much time the last time I was there AND it was a beautiful afternoon!

The tree on the right was the wishing tree so you can hang a little prayer or what-not and leave a “wish” or most people took off their museum band and tied it on the string they have hanging on the tree’s limb. And they had a labyrinth that ended in a dead-end but it was nice just walking through it. So if you see people coming towards you, it’s because they already hit the end and there’s only one way in and out.

Here’s yours truly, on the really uncomfortable bench.

There’s a lot more to the museum but I didn’t want to spoil anything for ya, just in case you do want to visit. It’s a lovely museum and a great place to appreciate some art. They have a cafe shop and a gift shop on the first floor if you want to spend some more moolah.

food share | [ORL] hunger street taco

I live for the weekends. There’s something about grinding during the week, trying to stay on a “healthy” diet, save that money, and then just looking forward to eating something that may not always be healthy for a couple days. Haha. For those who may be following on other social medias, I’ve been slacking on working out so I got to get back into that. I’ve got too much excuses. (Follow me on Instagram! MMK10Q)

It’s VB’s birthday time and so some friends and I went to eat at this place called Hunger Street Taco.

Hunger Street Taco – 2103 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

A few years ago, this was a BBQ place and so this place was usually super packed so parking used to be such a pain that it would sometimes defer me from going. Currently, this place has a good traffic area and it’s not so overwhelmed that it’s got a good flow going. I like the decor and the food is much enjoyable! A+!

Brunch Menu

HA! I didn’t forget the menu, y’all! I like that it had an al a carte. So even if you aren’t hungry, you can still snack on something small and not hate yourself for eating too much. Even if you don’t eat a lot, you can still order one and not spend so much.

Rajas Con Crema

I’m not quite sure what steered me to this dish.. must have been the poblano peppers and I don’t regret it. Rajas Con Crema. This was good. No meat was involved but doesn’t mean it needed it. It did well on its own and for that, I’m happy with. So if you don’t eat meat, enjoy a slight heat, this one is for you.

The Campechano

Delicioso. The Campechano is a tasty bite. You got both the brisket and chorizo dancing with flavor and I really like the avocado salsa. I chose to get the meats for the taco choice but they had other great selections that I hope to try in the future. (I’m looking at you, El Mananero!)


Y’all. If I could show you a photo of me when I was a baby with barely any teeth, double fisting corn in my mouth… I wouldn’t because it’s embarrassing. (Heh.) But I guess I never outgrew it because I still love corn dishes. When I read that this was fresh corn OFF the cob, that won me over. Everything about this is a win for me. All the ingredients are noted in the dish. Marrow broth reduction?! Who knew! The taste was phenomenal.


Okay, I didn’t order this but I wanted to show y’all their desserts. This is what they specialize in. The Xocoflan has both a flan and a cake. Pretty good! The flan portion had a creamier consistency (IMO) and the cake balanced out the creamy texture. Maybe could use a little more “syrup” if you don’t mind the rich sweet taste otherwise, it’s a nice treat yo’ self dessert.

Rajas Con Crema: ♥♥♥♥♥
The Campechano: ♥♥♥
Esquites: ♥♥♥♥♥
Xocoflan: ♥♥

food share | [SRQ] rudolph’s restaurant

With only a day to explore and the weather not looking so well in Florida, TL and I took the chance to scope out the beautiful beaches out in Sarasota! It was quite lovely, despite having no sun out to greet us. My very good friend SD came out to see us and joined us for lunch. It was suggested to try a new place that opened in Sarasota called Rudolph’s. We were elated to try the new place!


Rudolph’s restaurant at the Modern hotel | 1290 Boulevard Of The Arts Sarasota, FL 34236

The place is located inside the hotel. In the indoor area, it was quite dark so we opted to sit outside as it was not sunny and very spacious. I really like the space. Although it was not busy, I quite liked how bare it was. The waitress was attentive and gave us time to chat in-between.

SOOOOOO… I messed up, everyone. I forgot to take a photo of the menu and apparently it’s a new menu so I cannot give you any accurate names of what was ordered. (D’oh!)

B.L.T Gator Sandwich

Well, all I can tell you is that the food was very well put together. I realize that this post isn’t much if I can’t tell you the name of the food. I enjoyed the apps a lot more than the actual meal though.

Anyways, excuse the shortness of this post. I promise to be better with my writing.

Gator fritters & pork rinds: ♥♥♥♥
Gator B.L.T. :♥♥♥
Burger: ♥♥♥